Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finally putting on California visit

Holly, the beautiful mother of pearls.

These are Holly's pearls, complete with clam shell.

Sami and I built a feather garden. She was quick to enter into the game of make-believe.

Atthe Jelly Belly factory, Holly and the kids had lunch. Jeff is sitting by friend Joe. The back of Bryan's head was the best he would allow in pictures this trip. Sami is on Holly's lap, and Mati is closest to the camera. I was standing in line, holding our place for the tour, entertained with camera in hand, and dancing the "Chicken Dance" with other kids in front of me in line. I'm not good at self-portraits, or I would have taken one of that.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trips to Idaho and Hawaii

We've become travelers! First trip of 2009 was in January to Idaho for Wyl's dad's funeral. While we miss George, it was great to see so many of the Colgrove family. Also we saw Philip and his wife Heather, while they are students at BYU-Idaho. End of March saw us in Hawaii, visiting Heather Rauch and her family. It was great seeing all of them, including the newest addition. Of course, we enjoyed the tropical climate of Hawaii while Fort Wayne behaved like it was still winter.

Friday, February 27, 2009

First Entry

First email, then internet research, then Facebook, making my own web site, and now setting up our own blog - this time on my own without anyone helping me. I feel like I'm finally part of the 21st century. This is fun!

While we are officially released from our mission, we are still training our replacements. They've had some major health issues lately, so training is on hold for the moment. However, we still go in to keep the work moving - just not as often.

We are enjoying the empty nester stage of life, but love it when kids return home, for however short or long the stay. We love it even more when there are grandkids along. So what to do with our time now that we're alone? with each other? Wyl is working on building an internet business while helping build funds for Turnstone, an organization which helps the handicapped here in town. See I'm working on several projects, including but not limited to my art work. Check out my web site at It will be fun to see if life begins in the twilight years!